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Best Massage Therapy Team

The best massage therapy is provided by certified, regulated, health-focused experts in a professional yet caring environment. Massage Matters Inc. offers that friendly, respectful approach to massage-based healthcare in Sherman Oaks. If you want a natural way to reduce pain, decrease stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we are the certified massage therapists (CMTs) for you.

Massage Matters Inc. holds itself to the highest ethics of health service. Every massage therapist we employ is a CMT, which means they are fully certified and regulated by the State of California.

Our entire team knows what types of treatments to implement for pain management, muscular relaxation, and improved blood flow.

Additionally, our therapists know how to be attentive to our clients within a serene, considerate methodology. From the scheduling of your appointment to all conversations with our staff, both your mind and your body rest easily within our care. Our holistically thoughtful implementation of massage therapy helps our clients maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Foot Massage

One of Massage Matters Inc.’s popular massages is a foot massage. Visit us for this treatment.

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Migraine Care

Massage Matters Inc. excels at migraine treatment. Have Massage Matters cure your migraine today.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Is muscle pain always a problem? Visit us in Sherman Oaks immediately for natural pain relief.

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Swedish Massage

For many, Swedish massage is the image they have when thinking of a “standard” massage.

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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage, which is like assisted yoga, eases stiff muscles and arthritis symptoms.

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Prenatal Massage

Massage is a wondrous, underutilized solution to the physical and mental stresses of pregnancy.

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Therapeutic Massage Styles and Reflexology

The expert team behind Massage Matters Inc. studies and practices all approved forms of massage therapy. We combine both modern reflexology with the traditional practices of different regions to maintain a diverse treatment plan for our clients. Our CMTs are also aware of how our bodies change over time, so clients of any age will receive the most appropriate care. No one is too young or old to reap the benefits of massage. Every person’s health is unique to them, and our diverse practice addresses each of our clients’ distinctive concerns.

Massage Matters Inc. bears the standard of professional, clinical massage therapy. Anyone seeking to improve their well-being or to address their chronic pain will benefit from the regular treatments we offer. Don’t miss any opportunities to improve your health and reduce your stress. Schedule your appointment today.


About our Philosophy and Therapists Massage matters: We are certified professionals

Massage therapy matters more than ever for those who seek balance, wholeness, and a healthful alternative to pain medications.​ Our therapists listen. They focus on your needs, deploying just the right techniques and skills to achieve each session's wellbeing objectives.

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