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Buy More, Save More! Pricing & Packages

Massage is not a luxury, it is a necessary treatment to help keep you feeling your best.

Make time

Massage Services

Foot Massage 

30 Minute Foot Massage $35.00

60 Minute Foot Massage $55.00


Migraine Care 

45 Minute Migraine Care Session $50.00

60 Minute Migraine Care Session $65.00

Traditional Thai Massage 

30 Minute Traditional Thai Massage $30.00

60 Minute Traditional Thai Massage $40.00

90 Minute Traditional Thai Massage $60.00

The Classic Swedish

30 Minute Swedish Massage $45.00

60 Minute Swedish Massage $65.00

90 Minute Swedish Massage $85.00

Deep Tissue Massage 

30 Minute Deep Tissue $45.00

60 Minute Deep Tissue $75.00

90 Minute Deep Tissue $95.00

Prenatal Massage

60 Minute Prenatal Massage $75.00

90 Minute Prenatal Massage $95.00


Are you ready to make a commitment to massage therapy?

Not selfish

Package deals for the massage enthusiast.

We are committed to converting all of our clients into massage regulars. Massage works best for pain relief when you get them on a regular basis. Regular massages relieve stress, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, prevents muscle strain, and so much more. We know that converting to a massage enthusiast is a financial commitment. Which is why we offer these package deals. If you are committed to massage, we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer packages of 3, 5 and 10 on all of our services. While you cannot buy these packages online, we will be happy to assist you over the phone or at the store. We can book your appointments in advance so you can be sure that you are making time for yourself. Check out the savings below. 



QtyMassage TypePriceSavings per treatment
360 min. Foot Massage$150.00

$5.00 each 

560 min. Foot Massage$235.00$8.00 each 
1060 min. Foot Massage$400.00$15.00 each 
360 min. Swedish Massage $180.00$5.00 Each 
560 min. Swedish Massage $285.00$8.00 Each 
1060 min. Swedish Massage $500.00$15.00 each 
390 min. Swedish Massage$240.00$5.00 each 
590 min. Swedish Massage$385.00$8.00 each 
1090 min. Swedish Massage$700.00$15.00 each
360 min. Deep Tissue Massage $210.00$5.00 each 
560 min. Deep Tissue Massage$335.00$8.00 each 
1060 min. Deep Tissue Massage$600.00$15.00 each 
390 min. Deep Tissue Massage$270.00$5.00 each 
590 min. Deep Tissue Massage$435.00$8.00 each 
1090 min. Deep Tissue Massage$800.00$15.00 each 
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