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Foot Massage Professionals in Sherman Oaks

If you want to feel your best, schedule a foot massage with Massage Matters in Sherman Oaks. Our business is committed to offering personalized therapy and treatment plans to our clients, and we'll tailor our body work to meet your needs. All of our staff members are Certified Massage Therapists and can work with clients facing an array of pains, and those simply hoping to relax.

Each of our clients is important to us. Our staff is committed to exceeding expectations with every foot massage that we give. We'll always listen closely to you, and we're always ready to adjust the pressure we're applying based on your body and comfort level.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Foot Massage

At Massage Matters, we're committed to offering affordable and accessible foot massage options. Focusing on the health of your feet is a simple way to relax the entire body and mind. The art of foot reflexology allows us to apply pressure to certain parts of your feet in order to relax your entire system. We start by soaking your feet in a warm Epsom salt bath. While your feet are soaking we will work on your shoulders to relieve tension. Next we massage your hands and feet and finish the massage with trigger point therapy, stretching, and compression, addressing your entire body, not just your feet. We'll work on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints of your feet, using massage oil or lotion where needed making the entire process comfortable and enjoyable.

Each person who comes through our doors is treated as an individual, and you'll be given our complete attention throughout your time with us. We strive to make our studio a haven for healthy living and wholeness. Whether you're stressed, tired, or dealing with a foot injury, we can help you feel better. We're flexible with our availability in order to accommodate your schedule. To set up an appointment, give our studio a call today.

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