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Natural Migraine Treatment Massage the Pain Away at Our Sherman Oaks Studio

Migraine or tension headaches can hit at unexpected and inconvenient times. Perhaps your next migraine will hit while you’re relaxing at a café with friends. If you want to stop the pain of a migraine from interrupting your life, it's essential to relieve stress and tension in healthy ways. You may benefit from migraine treatment at Massage Matters.

Pain medications are more effective than ever, but why restrict treatment to addressing pain after it hits? What you may need is a massage for migraine relief. Our Certified Massage Therapists provide routine massage for migraine sufferers. We specialize natural migraine treatment, applying healing to the neck, shoulders and head to decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines.

Massage is a proactive form of migraine treatment. You can use it along with medication and a variety of relaxation techniques to stop migraines from attacking the quality of your life.

Who Needs a Massage for Migraine Treatment?

Anyone who suffers from occasional or frequent migraines or tension headaches will benefit from our massage for migraine treatment. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, Massage Matters can help ease the strain so that your migraines become less painful and less frequent.

What to Expect from Our Migraine Treatment

  • 45- or 60-minute appointments
  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Ice or heat applications
  • Aromatherapy for complete relaxation

Please arrive at our studio without makeup. Our Certified Massage Therapists will utilize deep massage to ease your pain and tension, so expect messy hair by the end of your session. We take the time to understand your personal struggle with migraines and tension headaches. That allows us to create a unique massage experience designed just for your pain points.

It’s never too late to add massage to your migraine treatment plan. If you've tried everything to bring an end to the pain but nothing has worked, give our massage for migraine a try. With routine massage appointments, you can control your migraines naturally and pleasurably. Call today to schedule your first migraine treatment.

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