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Stretch, Energize, and Restore with Sherman Oaks Thai Massage

Thai massage is sometimes considered assisted yoga. At Massage Matters, an experienced massage therapist at our Sherman Oaks studio will position your body in a series of yoga-like poses while applying pressure to select points of pressure. The practice allows your body to stretch and rock while one of our Certified Massage Therapists compresses and pulls to mobilize your joints, ease strain from stiff muscles, and release your natural energy.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

  • Benefits of Thai Massage:
  • Boosts energy naturally
  • Decreases physical manifestations of stress
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Relieves sore muscles

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or another condition that results in stiff joints or muscles, you may benefit tremendously from this Thai massage. If you're an athlete or you exercise vigorously, routine stretching through Thai massage may improve athletic performance while easing the stiffness and pain that come with recovery.

You're also well-suited to this type of massage if your daily life is stressful or your lifestyle is sedentary. The massage allows you to ease the tension that takes over the body during stressful times. It's also an active art form that can loosen muscles that tighten when sitting for long hours.

What to Expect From Your Thai Massage Session

Other forms of massage require you to disrobe and rest on a comfortable surface, but this form of massage is different. At Massage Matters, you will remain fully clothed and should wear clothing that allows you to move freely. Your therapist will move with you to ensure proper positioning for maximum results.

We don't use lotions or oils when performing traditional Thai massage. There is no need to wash off or change clothing after your session. Due to the active nature of the massage, your hair may fall out of place during your session.

You can schedule 30-, 60- or 90-minute Thai massage sessions. Our services are always personalized to your unique needs. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

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